Celebrating with pride

"We have through more than 100 years served a product that brings people together and through that the focal point for dialogue. It is a tradition we are proud of, and which obligates us to work for a society where everybody feels included. We fundamentally believe that the world will be a better place when people, regardless of background, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and believes meet and talk together. With our coffee we are somehow hosting these meeting and bringing people together.”
- Head of communications, Lars Aaen Thøgersen



With our Equality coffee we are taking an active stand: For each sold pack, we will donate 1DKK to Copenhagen 2021 to support their work spreading the message of equality.

If you want to contribute to a world where everyone can love and live freely – why not start with a coffee?

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At festivals we have for many years seen how coffee can create relationships between people. Now we take an active stand by using packaging and product to promote a cause regarding inclusion and diversity.


Love is Love

The beautiful thing about coffee is that it brings people together. We believe that this togetherness should be for all and that everyone should be able to love and live freely. That is why we support initiatives that enhances equal rights to live and love without the fear of being left out.

Copenhagen 2021

Copenhagen2021 works for a world where you live freely, be who you are and love who you want to. This is an issue we would like to support. In the coming year leading up to the WorldPride and EuroGames, we will focus on issues such as inclusion, communities and loneliness through different initiatives and with different partners.

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Vacuum packed coffee

This coffee is vacuum packed in advantage both to you and the environment.

In comparison to our regular bags for ground coffee:

  • 55 % less CO2
  • 33 % less packaging
  • 44% of the plastic is made from sugarcanes
  • 57% of the package is biobased
  • 100% recyclable packaging for both paper and plastic
  • Better protection of taste and aroma

Rainforest Alliance

This coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, working for ecosystem health, human rights, improved rural livelihoods and building climate resilience. 

By buying certified products you are participating in something bigger than yourself. 

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